The amazing healthy fruit spread!

Get Right with FruitRite®, the Amazing Healthy Fruit Spread!

FruitRite® is a delicious fruit spread made from prunes, dates, raisins and juice. It is a terrific way to add flavour and nutrients to your diet.

Developed by a registered dietician, FruitRite® does not contain cholesterol, added sugar or salt, or any artificial colours or flavouring.

Eaten on a regular basis, FruitRite® may lessen the need to use pharmaceutical laxatives and stool softeners due to the natural properties of the dried fruits. 

FruitRite®  is ready to eat and can be stored at room temperature for up to nine months.

FruitRite® is more cost effective than making your own spread as it reduces waste, eliminates labour, has a long shelf life, good consistency and it tastes amazing.

FruitRite® is ideal for cholesterol watchers and may be incorporated into diabetic diets.

It’s a perfect treat in health care facilities!

Introducing FruitRite 25 gram pouches!

Due to circumstances beyond our control, FruitRite® 25 gram portion cups are no longer available. (Item number 103) UPC code: 773374001030 

FruitRite® 25 gram pouches are now available, 200 per case. (Item number 104) UPC code: 773374001040

FruitRite® 35 gram portion cups, 90 per case!

For samples or further information, please contact:
Maria-Domenica D’Agostino, RD CMI
Phone: (416) 949-9812
Arlaina Waisman, RD Nutrawise Enterprises Ltd.
Phone: 604-874-5988