The amazing healthy fruit spread!

Get right with Fruitrite, the amazing healthy fruit spread!

FruitRite® is a delicious fruit spread made from prunes, dates, raisins and juice. It is a terrific way to add flavour and nutrients to your diet.

Developed by a registered dietician, FruitRite® does not contain cholesterol, added sugar or salt, or any artificial colours or flavouring.

Eaten on a regular basis, FruitRite® may lessen the need to use pharmaceutical laxatives and stool softeners due to the natural properties of the dried fruits. 

Fruitrite - the amazing dried fruit spread

FruitRite® is available in two sizes: 25 gram portions (200 per case) and 4.54 kilogram pail (10 pounds).

Both are ready to eat and can be stored at room temperature for up to nine months. FruitRite is more cost effective than making your own spread as it reduces waste, eliminates labour, has a long shelf life, good consistency and tastes amazing.

FruitRite is ideal for cholesterol watchers and may be incorporated into diabetic diets.

A perfect treat in health care facilities!

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